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Hi, my name is Ivonne, been chronically ill for the last 5 years. Went from doctor to doctor to be told that my labs were normal and I was healthy, still I needed a cane to walk, had excruciating headaches, muscle cramps, weakness and severe back pain. I tried several protocols like hyperbaric chamber, vit C IVs, glutathione IVs, herbs, green juicing, infrared sauna … had a few hours of relief but symptoms were back the next day. Even did a year of antibiotics with the doctor that diagnosed me with Lyme disease but the symptoms persisted.

A good friend of mine told me about Dr Mel, but to be honest I didn’t have that much hope, only tried out of desperation. When I met Dr Mel I thought “how could this young lady help me if I’ve seen several physicians with 30 years of experience that had not?” She asked me to tell her the 3 main symptoms I wanted help with and I said “headaches, headaches, headaches.”

She tested me and it showed many issues with my liver, chronic infections I have tested positive for in the past, and the hypersensitivity to mold, I was impressed! I listened to her customized approach for me which included my own bioresonance audio tunes without much hope, barely 15 minutes with no headphones, thinking that simple bell songs wouldn’t do much, but by the 4th day I started feeling less pressure in my head, after 2 weeks I had no doubts the harmonics had taken care of the excruciating headaches from pain level 10 to 3!!! I was so happy I told Dr Mel I was so grateful for my friend that recommended her, and that I thank God for her! Headaches almost gone, no more low back pain, I have more energy, my liver isn’t congested anymore. I’m also saving money since I quit so many supplements that were doing absolutely nothing for me. I’ll keep working with Dr Mel to get rid of parasites and to keep my cells and organs in homeostasis. If you’ve been sick for a long time, give Dr Mel a chance, there’s nothing to lose but chronic symptoms! She is very knowledgeable, always available, and she listens to you, she is the best!

“Future Medicine will be the Medicine of Frequencies”
— Albert Einstein

— Ivonne


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