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“Making small changes in your life that bring big changes!”

Dr. Elsa is one of those Doctors that you only find once in a lifetime! Her approach to health is not simply “healing your physical body,” but more importantly, your mind. During one of our first sessions she said, “if your mindset isn’t right, your body won’t be either”- something I live by now.

When I came to Dr. Elsa, I was suffering from acne, constant gut issues, the toll my body took from an entire month of heavy antibiotics that had destroyed my system, and a roller coaster of emotions from seeing numerous doctors and spending thousands of dollars to heal myself. All the vitamins, medicine, detoxes, and tinctures that were recommended to me never seemed to fix the root cause of my issues, which was truly what I wanted to address the root cause, and not just a temporary fix. After speaking to her during our first sessions, she made me realize that my body would heal itself once I corrected my mindset once I stopped fixating on “fixing myself” and focusing on how sick I was. Not only is Dr. Elsa an extraordinary doctor, but her kindness, compassion, understanding, and overall care for her clients is one of a kind. She takes the time to listen to your concerns, never making you feel rushed or dismissed because she has other clients. She recommends ways to approach your condition and treat it in natural ways, but most importantly explains the reasoning behind it and educates you in a way that no classroom can teach.

Upon meeting her, I had very high levels of EMF in my body due to the amount of technology I deal with on a daily basis. Of course, my first question was what vitamins I needed to take or what detox I needed to start to get rid of these high levels. She kindly turned to me and said there is nothing you need to take. Simply spend more time outside and ground yourself by walking barefooted outside. I thought there is no way that was going to work, but what did I truly have to lose? Within a couple of weeks of incorporating this into my daily routine, my levels quickly fell into a normal range. Dr. Elsa’s approach is truly simple. Making small changes in your life that bring big changes! The education component she brings to the table is unlike most doctors, as she explains the why behind illnesses, and how to prevent it from reoccurring, whether that be staying away from certain foods, or adding more outdoor time and mediation into your day. I am truly grateful that I was introduced to Dr Elsa and her contributions to healing the root cause of my health issues. For those seeking to find solutions and answers to the why behind your illnesses, or merely seeking to improve your mental health, she is the absolute best you can find! Her straightforward and simple approach to the mind and body is something I haven’t found in any other doctors.

— Nicolle Hernandez

“after a couple months, my body is healing itself and returning to homeostasis”

Wow, where to begin?! I have been working with Gut Can Be Happy, Dr. Mel, and Dr. Elsa for a few short months now and I’m eternally grateful I took the jump to work with them. A quick bit of information about myself; I am a former athlete with a history of drug and alcohol abuse that ran for close to a decade. I destroyed my body and mind to the point of experiencing chronic aches, pains, anxiety, stress, depression, paranoia, and more all before the age of 30.

In more recent times, I am making better decisions where I am a nursing student while working part-time at the hospital on a cardiac step-down unit. I exchanged one stress for a different type of stress and my body and mind were letting me know I needed to make some additional changes. I doubted homeopathic medicine but didn’t want to continue seeking the traditional medicine routes or medications. I see copious amounts of medication distributed to patients throughout any shift, and don’t get me wrong, medication has its place, helps people, and saves lives. There are certain instances and situations where medication is the best or only option but for the vast majority of individuals, medication can be avoided by incorporating positive, consistent daily habits.

This is where Gut Can Be Happy, Dr. Mel, and Dr. Elsa came in and have helped me incorporate small, measurable, and attainable habits to help bring my body out of fight or flight. And after a couple months, my body is healing itself and returning to homeostasis. I have been able to push myself in the weight room, I am more focused at school, and I am able to regulate my emotions and physical responses to the external environment. I enjoy being able to see and enjoy the positive changes to my mind, body, and spirit. I am eager to continue working with the team and healing my body from the inside out. If you want/need to take back control of your health and life, I would take the leap with the Gut Can Be Happy team.

— Ryan Rogers

“Gut Can Be Happy helped me get on track with my healing, and in the shortest time possible”

When I first started working with Dr Mel and Dr Elsa, I had been suffering from chronic symptoms for at least two years. I had bloating, inflammation, excessive burping whenever I ate, diarrhea, stomach pain, low energy levels, depressive moods, and I hadn’t menstruated for almost a year! For those two years, I was given medication by my doctor, which didn’t help much at all. My symptoms were being treated as something that needed to be managed, and at that point it looked like I would have to deal with all of that for the rest of my life.

But with Dr Mel and Dr Elsa’s guidance, most of my symptoms reversed within a month! The bloating stopped, the excessive gas went away, my diarrhea was gone, my energy levels started to improve, no more stomach pain, and I even started menstruating again. This domino effect came from just small lifestyle changes that focus on the root cause of my symptoms. I gained a newfound hope that I could get better, and I now feel like I have a new chance at life.

I’m writing this because I could see how invested in my recovery Dr Mel and Dr Elsa were. The best thing about them is that they are educated in both the body and the mind, and they understand how both work together. If you’re someone who hasn’t found a solution to your issues, I really hope you can give Gut Can Be Happy a try. They will get to know you as an individual, and tailor a plan that is just for you.

Thank you Dr Mel and Dr Elsa, and good luck to everyone.

— Sumayyah

“My energy levels have improved and I’m just in an overall better mood”

I have been working with the Gut Can Be Happy team and Dr. Elsa for six weeks now. In this time, my day to day wellbeing has completely changed. I saw symptom relief within my first two weeks and had been in a severe Crohn’s disease flare for four years. I went from eating nothing during the workday and rushing home to use the bathroom to being able to eat regularly throughout the day without symptoms. My energy levels have improved and I’m just in an overall better mood because I am feeling well.

When you’re having gut issues it affects every aspect of your life. Having Crohn’s disease for the past 17 years I have always relied on medication to keep me well. I was never given guidance on how what I was eating was also a source of inflammation. Dr. Elsa provided the clear steps I needed to take. She was available whenever I had questions and listened to all my concerns. Though I’ve had to replace a lot of the foods I used to regularly eat, I now realize those foods were detrimental to my health. On the flip side, I’ve been able to eat so many more foods that I had previously avoided because I thought they were the source of my symptoms.

I cannot recommend the Gut Can Be Happy team enough. I believe they can help resolve even the worst of symptoms. If you’re even the slightest bit curious about what they can do to help you, take the leap, and sign up for a consultation. You won’t regret it!

— Meghan Gagliardo

“I am very happy with the progress I have made and again so grateful to have Dr. Elsa as a guide”

Firstly, I would like to give my thanks to Dr. Elsa and the team because of how knowledgeable and helpful they have been during this journey.

When I first decided to embark on this journey, I was experiencing a lot of menstrual cycle issues, weight issues, lack of focus, lack of energy, etc. I am not a big fan of using prescription medication to “solve” all these issues because I always perceived it as a bandaid rather than a solution; I wanted to know what was wrong and why my body was reacting the way it was. With Dr. Elsa, we were able to figure it out and it was so fascinating how the easiest and minor changes made such an impact.

I will say it was a bit difficult to get my body out of this bad pattern and habits but the changes were so obvious immediately in regards to how my body felt. It’s such a motivation to know that your body feels great on the inside that you eventually start reflecting that feeling in the way you express yourself and your physical appearance also starts reflecting that. Weight loss has always been an issue for me and its been such an amazing journey learning to listen to my body and knowing what it needs and what it doesn’t like once you’ve detoxed it of all the junk you’ve put into it after so many years.

I am very happy with the progress I have made and again so grateful to have Dr. Elsa as a guide. I am looking forward to further progress on this lifestyle.

— Lucero Ayala

“after a couple months, my body is healing itself and returning to homeostasis”

Working with Dr. Mel and Dr. Elsa has been phenomenal. They have been an amazing resource from Day 1. Not only are they available for you 24/7, but care to listen to your problems and provide useful solutions.

I was struggling with SIBO and a ton of other health issues which they helped get rid of in just a few weeks.

I also lost weight without trying to, using their strategies. It’s been absolutely great working with them and I highly encourage you to connect with them about your health issues.

— Sam F

“Since working with them my IBS is the most under control it has ever been”

My experience with Dr. Mel and Dr. Elsa has been extremely positive and I am so thankful to them for helping me feel better than I have in years. I found Dr. Mel through Tik Tok while experiencing a 6 month long IBS flare-up and feeling failed by western medicine and traditional IBS treatments. In all honesty, I was skeptical of her methods at first because I had never heard of some of the holistic approaches before, but Dr. Mel was so patient and generous with me and we were able to come up with a plan that I felt comfortable moving forward with.

At first I only saw a small reduction in my symptoms, but once I decided to go ‘all in’ and follow Dr. Mel’s plan to a T, my symptoms started to go away almost immediately. As the bulk of my symptoms began to subside while following a strict diet and lifestyle plan I was introduced to Dr. Elsa and started to see her about twice a month. Dr. Elsa continued to help me with my IBS symptoms as well as transition from the strict diet I needed to reset my gut to a more balanced diet I will be able to sustain for years to come.

Before I started working with Dr. Mel and Dr. Elsa I experienced bloating and stomach pain every single day. I was anxious around food and isolated myself from friends and family because I felt like I couldn’t join in on celebrations that involved food or drinks. Since working with them my IBS is the most under control it has ever been and I am no longer concerned that certain foods are going to “set me off”. Working with both of them was extremely easy, they would give me suggestions for what to do during flare-ups as well as check in on me consistently, and I always enjoyed our 1:1 meetings. My life has genuinely changed for the better and I am so thankful for all their help and support. I would highly recommend seeing them if you are struggling with gut, skin, or any chronic health issue that is not being treated by western medicine.

— Natalie Lovinger

Research Technician
Morgan Huse Lab
Memorial Sloan Kettering

“I am getting my life back to normal and it feels good!”

Thanks for this opportunity to learn more about my gut! I have learned a great deal and became more disciplined. Slow and Steady sure does win the RACE! At first I was overwhelmed at how complicated the gut is but this program gave me direction. Your guidance and recommendations helped tremendously when I was stalled and felt like nothing was moving. A lot of the symptoms I had when I started are GONE! Again I can’t say Thank You Enough! I am getting my life back to normal and it feels good! You truly were the hidden gem and glad I came across your ‘Gut Can Be Happy’ TikTok!

Your addition of Dr Elsa was a wonderful GIFT! She is so Wise and Grounding! I feel she gave me the FIRE I needed to keep on this journey. Our talks about balancing my emotions, hydrating properly, meditation, mental wellness and moving through life with Grace and Patience has GROUNDED me in a way I didnt know I needed. You all make a wonderful team!

I am so Grateful to have met both of you (Dr Mel and Dr Elsa)! What you all have done has changed the life track of my life and family for the Greatest Good!

— Cassie Keta

“Dr. Mel and Dr. Elsa helped me pinpoint and solve all my worries”

My main issues were always daily brain fog, belly weight I couldn't get rid of, and getting tired in the afternoon. I tried fixing my diet and problems myself, but not every solution I found online was for everyone. After a couple years of no progress, I ended up finding Gut Can Be Happy.

Dr. Mel and Dr. Elsa helped me pinpoint and solve all my worries. Dr. Elsa made herself available at any time and the bi-weekly meetings were extremely helpful in keeping me on track to reach my wellness goals. They focused on personal goals and curated solutions for my specific needs.

I believe anyone can figure things out for themselves, but having someone like Dr. Mel and Dr. Elsa helping along the way made sure I was getting the correct information to improve my health and wellness. I would recommend Gut Can Be Happy to anyone wanting to improve their health with professionals who genuinely care about your goals.

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