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Vitamins and minerals are the basic building blocks of life. They are extremely important in the formation of strong, healthy, and disease-free cells. Yet, it can be difficult to get enough of them. For people who lead busy lives, it may even be impossible to eat a balanced diet– full of the right kinds of vitamins and minerals. Fortunately, supplements, such as multi-vitamin, can to be taken to supply the missing nutrients in the diet.

There are two main categories of supplements: herbal supplements, or nutritional supplements (containing vitamins and minerals). 

Let’s review herbal supplements. Herbs are considered by some to be all-natural since they are usually not manufactured or chemically altered in any way. Yet, it is still important to

always opt for ones that are organic, and always consider those that are manufactured using the most holistic process. Many herbs are considered highly beneficial when used in combinations with vitamin and mineral supplementation. They may be taken for different reasons— to help with weight loss, fatigue, improved sleep, better skin, autoimmune disorders and so much more. 

The first thing to remember is that the dietary requirements of people are different. Nutritional experts agree that there are no standard varieties of supplements. The best way to decide which one would be the most beneficial is to first understand what is your intention. Find out what you are trying to achieve physically and what type of a state of health you are in right now. Contemplate and analyze; if you need help in deciding, you can always email or text us to set-up a consultation call with one of our holistic doctors. For example, if your intention is to detox, and you are trying to achieve a better liver, because you are in a state of fatigue, face dark urine or have yellow skin, then the best herbal supplement to try is usually Milk Thistle. 

Let’s review nutritional supplements. They are commonly available in capsules, tablets or liquid form. However, it is important to remember that pills cannot replace actual food. But,

because of the soil that we have in this modern age, there are many missing minerals and vitamins in our food supply. That is why it is important to sometimes try some supplements. You can maximize your nutrients by purchasing organic produce. They are usually harvested in the most natural way.  

An important thing to always consider before purchasing any nutritional supplements is which form of vitamins and minerals are included in your purchased product. The forms of every vitamins and mineral have different absorption rates once they enter our body. For example, did you know out of all the magnesium forms, magnesium glycinate has the highest absorption rate in our body? Or, out of all the vitamin C forms, liposomal vitamin c is actually the best one to take?

Supplements can make the difference between going towards a state of wellness, or distress. You can visit our supplement store


 We work with specific suppliers who provide the best quality supplements, most of which either meet or exceed FDA standards. We also understand that supplements might be pricy, that’s why our prices are usually lower than other places in the market. Check it out today! 

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