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Sleep: Your Priceless Health Tool

 Your Priceless Health Tool

Sleep is crucial to your journey. The body is an incredibly powerful doctor. It can heal itself by the adequate and deep sleep we provide it. Supplementing, eating unique foods or taking ancient herbs, and doing interesting practices could be helpful but if you don’t have the right amount of it, nothing can compensate for it. This is the time that we let the body to heal itself. 

Health is already within you. We are here to help you unlock that power, and one of its crucial step is adequate sleep. It will help with restoration, rejuvenation and self-healing unmatched to any approach!


Our Sleep Hygiene Advice:


Make sure you stop and reduce your liquid intake two hours before your sleep. This helps you to have a deep sleep and to prevent you from waking up in the middle of the night.


As with sugary food, also try to avoid them two hours before your sleep. It can disrupt your sleep by taking and using your body’s magnesium which is essential for falling asleep.


Avoid blue-lights and looking at your electronics an hour before bed. If an hour is too much, that’s okay. Try to eat least stop using them half an hour before bedtime. This can be a great time to read a book, meditate, or do some sleep yoga for improved sleep.


Make sure you eat moderately at night—not too much or too little, as this can affect the quality of your sleep.


Avoid sleeping with lights turned on. Your brain will not produce enough melatonin, and you may not get into your deep REM sleep.

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