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Categrized panel list

Animal Healing- Canine Assessment 1 Exposures

Animal Healing- Canine Assessment 2 Food Allergies

Animal Healing- Canine Assessment 3 Digestion

Animal Healing-Canine Assessment 4 Conditions

 Animal Healing-Canine Solutions 1 Nourishing Foods

Animal Healing-Canine Solutions 2 Standard Process

Animal Healing- Canine Solutions 3 Vetri-Science laboratories

Animal Healing- Equine General

Animal Healing-Equine Infections

Animal Healing- Equine Structural

Animal Healing- Equine Sarcoids

Animal Healing- Feline Assessment 1 Exposures

Animal Healing- Feline Assessment 2 Food Allergies

Animal Healing- Feline Assessment 3 Digestion

Animal Healing- Feline Assessment Conditions

Animal Healing-Feline Assessment Conditions

Animal Healing- Feline Conditions 4 Respiratory

Animal Healing-Feline Solutions 1 nourishing Foods

Animal Healing- Feine Solutions 2 Standard Process

Animal Healing- Feline Solutions 3 Vetri Science Laboratory

Bio-Botanical Research

Biochemical Cell Salt and Astrology

Biofilm Breakthrough

Biogenic Amines

Kidney Anatomy

Kidney Assessment

Kidney Functional Assessment 1

Kidney Functional Assessment 2

Kidney Gout

Kidney Solutions

Respiratory Miasms

Respiratory 1 Anatomy

Respiratory 2 Breathing Practices

Respiratory 3 Herbal Solutions

Respiratory Infection

Pineal Gland Activation and Upgrade

Adrenal Anatomy

Adrenal Disturbance Assessment

Adrenal Energetic Solutions

Adrenal Lifestyle Solutions

Adrenal Stress Index

Adrenals Young Living Oils

Thyroid Assessment

Thyroid Markers

Thyroids Optimized Function and Detox

Thyroid Premier Research

Thyroid Reboot And Metabolic Reset

Thyroid Solutions

Thyroid young living oils

Vision Assessment 1

Vision Assessment 2 Eye Muscles

Vision Assessment 3 Eye Anatomy

Vision Photophobia Causes

Vision SOlutions

Macular Degeneration Assessment

Macular Degeneration Solutions

Chinese Medicine TCM

Hearing Assessment Chinese Medicine


Vessel Assessment 1 Major Arteries

Vessel Assessment  2 Head and Neck Arteries

Vessel Assessment  3 Torso and Chest

Vessel Assessment  4 ABdomen and Pelvis

Vessel Health 13 Artery Assessment

Vessel Health 5 Arm Vessels

Vessel Health  6 Leg Vessels

Vessel Health  7 Capillaries

Vessel Health  8 Emotions

Vessel Health  9 Solutions

Vessel Solutions   10 Energetic Considerations

Vessel Solutions  11 Hormones

Vessel Solutions  12 Vessel Types

Blood Pressure 4 Kidney Energetic Solutions

Blood Pressure 5 Vessel Health Energetic Solutions

Blood Pressure 6 Vessel Energetic Solutions

Blood Pressure 7 Lifestyle

Blood Pressure 8 LifestyleSOlutions

Blood Pressure 9 Methylation Disturbance

Blood Pressure Disturbance 1 Minerals

Blood Pressure Disturbance 2 Mineral Energetic Solutions

Blood Pressure Disturbance 3 kidneys

Heart Anatomy

Heart and Circulation Optimization Program

Heart Health 1 Assessment

 Heart Health 2 Frequencies Affirmations

Heart Health 3 Frequencies Metaphysical

Heart Health 4 Frequencies Physical

Heart Health 5 Solutions

Heart Health 6 Essential Oils

Heart Health Cholesterol Assessment

Heart Health Cholesterol Solutions

Stroke Assessment

Stroke Solution


Chem Trail 3 Chem Trail Detox

Detox 10 Week- Digestive Cleanse and Rejuvenation Program

Detox 10 Week0 Kidney Bladder Tune Up

Detox 10 Week -Liver and Gallbladder Uplift

Detox 10 Week- Lung and Lymph Cleanse Program

Detox 10 Week- Microbiome Reset With Nervous System harmony

Detox 10 Week- Parasite Cleanse and Clear

Detoxification-Use during juice fast

Detoxification Rife Frequencies-Global Detox

Heavy Metal Assessment

Heavy Metal Exposure Solutions

Heavy Metal  Solutions YLO

TOxic Exposure Assessment

Toxic Exposures Remedies


Food Allergies- Grain GLuten

Food Allergies- Grains

Food Allergies- Fish

Food Allergies- Fruits

Food Allergies- General Foods

Food Allergies- Legumes

Food Allergies- Vegetables

Food Allergy Assessment

Food Allergy Solutions

Food Allergy Testing Cortisol

Food Allergy Testing Digestive Assessment

Food Allergy Testing Nutritional

Food Allergy Testing panel Ultimate

Gluten Assessment

Gluten Assessment Grain Sensitivity

Gluten Assessment Protein Sensitivity

Gluten Assessment Sensitivity Root Cause

Gluten healing frequencies

GLuten Solutions

Gut Assessment

Gut Assessment Food Allergies

Gut Solutions

Constipation panel

Digestive Calming and Maximize Energy from Nutrition Program

Digestive Disturbance 1 Digestive Organs

Digestive Disturbance 2 General Assessment

Digestive Disturbance 3 Solutions

Digestive Disturbance 4 Food Plan

Digestive Disturbance 5 Practices

Digestive Disturbance 6 Gallbladder Disturbance Assessment

Digestive Disturbance 7 Diverticulitis Assessment

Food as medicine

Food quality and contaminants

Foods that Nourish me


Stomach Acid Balance Activation Program

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Assessment

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Solutions

Nourishing foods

Colonic Panel

Leaky Gut assessment

Leaky Gut Solutions

Liver Assessment

Liver Solutions

Apex Energetics


Ariel’s Secret Testing Panel

Bija Mantra

Colloidal SIlver Gold Scalar and Others

Color Frequencies

Clean Clear Skies Manifestation

Manifestational Magic Manifesting At Will With Ease Program

Earth Chakras

Electromagnetic Frequencies harmonization

EMF ( Electromagnetic Frequencies) Assessment

EMF ( Electromagnetic Frequencies) Energetic Solutions

Guna Virus


Guna- Diur

Guna- Low Dose Interleukins

Guna- Micox

Guna- Omeosport

Guna- Osteobios

Guna- Stomach

Guna- Tonsils

Guna- Virus

Interference Field Assessment 

Interference Field Treatment

Interstitium 1- Frequency Direction

Interstitium 2- Connective Tissue

Outcome Co-Creation for Humanity and Mother Earth

Planetary Frequencies

Radiation Protection

Sacred Geometry

Sanskrit Mantras

Solar Radiation Assessment

Solar Radiation Solutions

Runes Elder Futhark

V Clear 1 Interference Fields Harmonized


Violet Flame

Cranial Nerves

Dermatomes 2- Spinal Nerve Viruses

Vagus Nerve Revitalization

Nerve TOnifying ( Assessment)

Nervous System and Balance: Proprioceptive Optimization

Nervous System Healing Modulate Immune System

Sleep Deeply 3 Nervous System Reset

Healing Chronic Cases- Assessment 2-GI Hormones and Nervous System

Detox 10 Week- Microbiome Reset With Nervous System harmony

Pain Assessment 1 Causes

Pain Assessment  2 Location

Pain Disturbance Harmonization Program

Pain Harmonizing 2 Location

Pain Harmonizing 3 Healing Words

Pain Harmonizing Mini 1 Pain Chemistry

Pain Resolutions

Pain Solutions

Parkinson’s Assessment

PArkinsons Treatment

Osteoarthritis Assessment

Osteoarthritis  Solutions

Migraine Assessment

Migraine Solutions

Injuries- Assessment

Injuries- Solutions

Injury Urgent Healing

Headache Assessment

Headache Solutions

Cluster Headache Energetic Disturbance

Cluster Headache Energetic Solutions

Sciatic Assessment

Sciatic Solutions

Fibromyalgia Energetic Disturbance Assessment

Fibromyalgia Energetic Solutions

Hemorrhoid Assessment

Hemorrhoid Healing Program (Rife Frequencies)

Hemorrhoid Solutions

Inflammation Assessment

Inflammation DIsturbance Reduction Program

Inflammation Solutions Balance

Inflammation Solutions Herbs

Inflammation Solutions Remedies

Inflammation Solutions Spices


YLEO Anti-Aging

YLEO Anti Inflammatory

YLEO Cardiovascular

YLEO DIgestive/Elimination

YLEO Emotional Balance

YLEO Glandular/Hormonal

YLEO Immune/Anti-Infectives

YLEO Muscle and Bone

YLEO Nervous System

YLEO Oral Hygiene

YLEO Respiratory

YLEO Skin and Hair

Yoni Steam Herbs

Young Living Cleansing Remedies

Young Living Dental Care

Young Living Essential Oils Animal Products

Young Living Essential Oils Blends

Young Living Oils Nutritional Supplements

Young Living Essential Oils Single oils

Biotics Adrenal

Biotics Allergies & Sinus

Biotics Anxiety

Biotics Best

Biotics Brain

Biotics Digestion

Biotics Heart Cardio

Biotics Kidneys

Biotics Liver

Biotics Oral/Dental

Biotics Parasites/Bacterial

Biotics Thyroid

Biotics Weight Management

Candida Solutions YLO

DesBio- Detoxification

DesBio- Digestive Health

DesBio- Hormones/Endocrine

DesBio- Immune Support

DesBio- Liposomal

DesBio- Mental/Emotional

DesBio- Nosodes/Infections

DesBio- Pain Management

DesBio- Series Symptom Relief

DesBio- Top 10 Remedies


Premier Research Labs All Supplements

Premier Research Labs Brain 1 MP

Premier Research Labs Cell Energy Point MP

Premier Research Labs Kidner MP

Premier Research Labs Pituitary MP

Premier Research Labs Small Intestine MP

Premier Research Labs Stomach MP

Quicksilver Scientific

Red Pine Oil

San Pharma

Schussler Cell Salts


Amazonian Herbs

Arthur Andrews

DoTerra Blends

DoTerra Singles


Research Nutritionals

Pure Clean Performance Products

Ascension 1 Experiencing Ascension

Assemblage Point Assessment 1

Assemblage Point Assessment 2

Assemblage Point Assessment 3

Assemblage Point Assessment 4

Assemblage Point Brain Frequency

Assemblage Point Brain Lobe Circuits

Assemblage Point Emotional Health

Assemblage Point Emotions

Assemblage Point Essential Oils

Assemblage Point Movement

Break a habit- Create a reset, restart, refresh

Breakthrough to Success 1: Clear Limiting Beliefs

Breakthrough to Success 2: Clearing Ancestral Patterns

Breakthrough to Success 3: Supercharged Affirmations

Experience joyful feelings and mood elevation program

Facilitating Positivity

Fitness Assessment


Relationship Happiness 2 Affirmations

Relationship Happiness 3 Relationship Attraction

Relaxation Assessment

Success System 1 Energetics

Success System 2 Affirmations

Success System 3 Mantras

Success System 4 Prosperity Symbols

Success System 5 Successful Ventures

Success System 6 Successful People Frequency

Money Magnetization Program

Home 1 Check and CLear

Home 2 Cleansing Vibrational Upgrade

Home 3 Clear and Direct Positive Energy

Home 4 Manifest My Perfect Space

Home 5 Clear Geopathic Stress

Home Upgrade, Clear to Create Prosperity and Pleasure

Courageous Transitions 1- Relationship Grief Release

Courageous Transitions 2- Relationship Grief Affirmations

Courageous Transitions 3 – Grief from Loss Release

Courageous Transitions  4- Grief from Loss Affirmations

Courageous Transitions 5- Transformation to Heal Energetics

Creativity and Miracles

Wellness rife frequencies

Wildfire harmonizng

New Beginnings 1 – Clearing Negative Beliefs

New Beginnings 2- Emotions that Activate Success

New Beginnings 3- Achieve True Success with Your Fresh Start

Children Series 1 Helpful Remedies

Children Series 2 Improving Attention and Claiming Mood

Children Series 3 Improving PANDAS

Past Life 1 Cellular Residue

Past Life 2 Time Periods

Past Life 3 Positive Attribute Lives

Past Life 4 Watch Lifetime

Restart Refresh Break Up Stuck Patterns

Scar Healing

Bone ANatomy Arm Hand

Bone Anatomy Chest

Bone Anatomy Foot

Bone Anatomy Head

Bone Anatomy Leg

Bone Anatomy Shoulder

Bone Anatomy Spine

Bone Health Assessment

Bone Health Solutions

Bone Miraculous Healing Frequency Program

Muscle Relaxation

Muscles Abdomen

Muscles Back and Neck

Muscle Chest

Muscle Facial

Muscles General

Muscles Head

Muscles Hip Leg Thigh Foot

Muscles Pelvic

Muscles Shoulder Arms Hand

Muscular Revitalization Program 1 Craniosacral Energetics

Muscular Revitalization Program 2 Polarity

Muscular Revitalization Program 3 Trigger Point Energetics

Muscular Revitalization Program 4 Shiatsu

Muscular Revitalization Program 5 Orthobionomy

Mycotoxins: Clearing and Reclaiming Health

Myelin Sheath Repair

Joints Names of Joints

Joints types of actions

Ligaments Foot

Ligaments Knee Hip Pelvis

Ligaments Shoulder Arm Hand

CelluliTe Assessment

Cellulite Solutions

Meniscus knee

Multiple Sclerosis Assessment

Multiple Sclerosis Solutions

Rheumatoid ArthritisAssessment

Rheumatoid Arthritis Solutions

TMJ Assessment

TMJ Solutions

Hearing Assessment  Conditions

Hearing Solutions

Hearing Assessment

Hearing Assessment Chinese Medicine

Cancer Harmonizing 1 Affirmations

Cancer Harmonizing 2 Cutting Edge Therapies

Cancer Prevention 1 Digestive Panel

Cancer Prevention 2 Liver Practices

Cancer Prevention 3 Immune System

Cancer Prevention 4 Immune Support

Cancer Prevention 5 Hormonal Balance

Cancer Prevention 6 Optimal Nutrition

Cancer Prevention 7 Free of Cancer Frequencies

Endocrine Regeneration 6 Hormonal Cancers Assessment

Endocrine Regeneration 7 Hormonal Cancers Solutions

Healing Chronic Cases 11- Cancer Healing Frequencies

Kidney Cancer Healing

Skin Cancer Assessment Panel

Skin Cancer Solutions Panel

Reflux Disturbance Assessment (Heartburn)

Reflux Disturbance Solutions (Heartburn)

VOcal Healing

Vocal Healing Pitches

Addiction Assessments 1

Addiction Assessments 2 Neurotransmitters

Addiction Assessment 3 Emotional

Addiction Assessment 4 Brain

Addiction Assessment 5 Type

Addiction Assessment 6 Thought Patterns

Addiction Assessment 7 Brain Health

Addiction Brain Clearing 1- Healthy Neurotransmitters

Addiction Brain Clearing 2- Optimize Brain Function

Addiction Brain Clearing 3- Emotional Pattern Transformation

Addiction Brain Clearing 4- Homeopathics and Remedies

Addiction Solutions Nutrition


ADD and ADHD Energetic Disturbance

Add Energetic Solutions

Alzheimer’s Disturbance Assessment

Alzheimer’s Energetic Solutions

Autism Energetic Solutions

Autism Diets

AUtism Disturbance Assessment

Brain Anatomy

Brain Assessment

Brain Balancing

Brain Clearing: Glymphatic System Tune-up and Tonify Program

BrainEnergetic Lifestyle Solutions

Brain Energetic Remedies

Brain Hemisphere

Brain Optimized and Cognitive Enhancement Program

Brain Protocol Phase 1

Brain Protocol Phase 2

Brain Protocol Phase 3

Brain Protocol Phase 4

Brain Waves

Concussion Disturbance Assessment

Traumatic Brain Injury Assessment

Traumatic Brain Injury Solutions

Sleep Brain Waves

Sleep Deeply 1 Brain Harmony


Neurotransmitter Assessment

Neurotransmitter Solutions

Lymph Node Anatomy

Lymphatic Disturbance Assessment

Lymphatic System Anatomy

Anxiety Assessment

Anxiety Quick Relief and Transformation To Courage

Anxiety SOlutions

Compulsive Eating Disturbance Assessment

Compulsive Eating Energetic Solutions

Depression Energetic Disturbance

DepressionEnergetic SOlutions

 V Clear  6 Balance & Strengthen System


Stress Assessment

Stress Release and Deep Relaxation Program

Stress SOlutions

PTSD Assessment

PTSD Solutions

Cell Membrane

Cellular Freedom Technique 1 Limiting Beliefs

Cellular Freedom Technique 2  Trauma Age Range

Cellular Freedom Technique 3 Emotions

Cellular Freedom Technique 4 Blocks to Healing

Cellular Freedom Technique 5 Affirmations

Past Life 1 Cellular Residue

Schussler Cell Salts

Stem Cell

Stem Cell Activation 1

Stem Cell Activation 2

Stem Cell Activation 3

Mitochondrial Rejuvenation 1 Anatomy

Mitochondrial Rejuvenation 2 Assess

Mitochondrial Rejuvenation 3 Remedies

Mitochondrial Rejuvenation 4 Energetic

V Clear  4 Mitochondrial Repair

V Clear  3 DNA Repair

V Clear  5 Reprogram DNA

DNA Repair 1 Chromosomes

DNA Repair 2 Genetic Code

DNA Revitalization 1 Repair ( Chromosomes)

DNA Revitalization 2 Upgrade ( Telomerase)

DNA Revitalization 3 Replenish ( Microbiome)

DNA Revitalization 4 Regeneration ( Stem Cells)

DNA Revitalization 5 Ascension ( Light Body)



Gene Keys Activation Series 1

Gene Keys Activation Series 10

Gene Keys Activation Series 11

Gene Keys Activation Series 12

Gene Keys Activation Series 13

Gene Keys Activation Series 14

Gene Keys Activation Series 15

Gene Keys Activation Series 16

Gene Keys Activation Series 17

Gene Keys Activation Series 18

Gene Keys Activation Series 19

Gene Keys Activation Series 2

Gene Keys Activation Series 20

Gene Keys Activation Series 21

Gene Keys Activation Series 22

Gene Keys Activation Series 23

Gene Keys Activation Series 24

Gene Keys Activation Series 25

Gene Keys Activation Series 26

Gene Keys Activation Series 27

Gene Keys Activation Series 28

Gene Keys Activation Series 29

Gene Keys Activation Series 3

Gene Keys Activation Series 30

Gene Keys Activation Series 31

Gene Keys Activation Series 32

Gene Keys Activation Series 33

Gene Keys Activation Series 34

Gene Keys Activation Series 35

Gene Keys Activation Series 36

Gene Keys Activation Series 37

Gene Keys Activation Series 38

Gene Keys Activation Series 39

Gene Keys Activation Series 4

Gene Keys Activation Series 40

Gene Keys Activation Series 41

Gene Keys Activation Series 42

Gene Keys Activation Series 43

Gene Keys Activation Series 44

Gene Keys Activation Series 45

Gene Keys Activation Series 46

Gene Keys Activation Series 47

Gene Keys Activation Series 48

Gene Keys Activation Series 49

Gene Keys Activation Series 5

Gene Keys Activation Series 50

Gene Keys Activation Series 51

Gene Keys Activation Series 52

Gene Keys Activation Series 53

Gene Keys Activation Series 54

Gene Keys Activation Series 55

Gene Keys Activation Series 56

Gene Keys Activation Series 57

Gene Keys Activation Series 58

Gene Keys Activation Series 59

Gene Keys Activation Series 6

Gene Keys Activation Series 60

Gene Keys Activation Series 61

Gene Keys Activation Series 62

Gene Keys Activation Series 63

Gene Keys Activation Series 64

Gene Keys Activation Series 7

Gene Keys Activation Series 8

Gene Keys Activation Series 9

Phyto-gens Combinations

Phyto-gens Singles

Microtubule Assessment

Microtubule Solutions

Methylation Nutritional Support

Methylation Profile

Healing Chronic Cases Assessment-7 Methylation

Blood Pressure 9 Methylation Disturbance

Telomere Activation 1

Telomere Activation 2

Vibrationals ( Genetic Transformationals)


Assemblage Point Emotional Health

Assemblage Point Emotions

DesBio- Mental/Emotional

Emotion COde 1 Body Systems

Emotion COde 2 Heart and Small Intestine

Emotion COde 3 Lung and Colon

Emotion COde 4 Liver and Gallbladder

Emotion COde 5 Kidney and Bladder

Emotion COde 6 Glands and Sexual Organs

Emotion COde 7 Spleen and Stomach

Emotion Cleanse and Release Program

Emotional CLearing Governing Vessel

Emotional CLearing Meridians Bladder

Emotional CLearing Meridians Conception Vessel

Emotional CLearing Meridians Gallbladder

Emotional CLearing Meridians Heart

Emotional CLearing Meridians Kidney

Emotional CLearing Meridians Large Intestine

Emotional CLearing Meridians Liver

Emotional CLearing Meridians Lungs

Emotional CLearing Meridians Pericardium

Emotional CLearing Meridians small Intestine

Emotional CLearing Meridians spleen

Emotional CLearing Meridians Stomach

Emotional CLearing Meridians Triple Warmer

Emotional Clearing Oils Bladder

Emotional Clearing Oils Conception Vessel

Emotional Clearing Oils Gallbladder

Emotional Clearing Oils Governing Vessel

Emotional Clearing Oils heart

Emotional Clearing Oils Kidney

Emotional Clearing Oils Large Intestine

Emotional Clearing Oils liver

Emotional Clearing Oils Lungs

Emotional CLearing Oils Pericardium

Emotional Clearing Oils Small Intestine

Emotional Clearing Oils Spleen

Emotional Clearing Oils Stomach

Emotional Clearing Oils Triple Heater

Fat Meltaway Frequencies 4 Emotional Unlock Codes

New Beginnings 2- Emotions that Activate Success

YLEO Emotional Balance

Worldwide Flower Essences for Emotional Healing

Broken Heart Healing Program


Bliss of Union Activation Program 1 Personal Clearing

Bliss of Union Activation Program 2 Clear Childhood Wounds

Bliss of Union Activation Program 3 Manifestation

Bliss of Union Activation Program 4 Union and Harmony

Chem Trail 1 Assessment

Chem Trail 2 Harmonizing Skies

Chemistry Panel Energetic Assessment


Electromagnetic Frequencies harmonization

EMF ( Electromagnetic Frequencies) Assessment


EMF ( Electromagnetic Frequencies) Energetic Solutions

HArmonizing Land


Wildfire Harmonizing

V Clear  2 Deactivate Elements and Chemicals

Flower Essences and MEridian Point


Worldwide Flower Essences for Emotional Healing

Skin assessment panel

Skin Assessment Panel Physiology

Skin Cancer Assessment Panel

SKin Cancer Solutions Panel

Skin Healing Assessment

Skin Healing Solutions

Skin Regeneration for anti-aging, Healing and Beauty Program

Skin Regeneration and Youth restoration Series 1 Repair Oxidative Damage

Skin Regeneration and Youth restoration Series 2: DNA Optimization

Skin Regeneration and Youth restoration Series 3: Immune System

Skin Regeneration and Youth restoration Series 4: Mitochondria Energy

Skin Regeneration and Youth restoration Series 5: Skin Repair System

Skin Regeneration and Youth restoration Series 6: Adrenal and Hormone Upgrade

Skin Solutions

Acne Energetic Disturbance

Acne Energetic Solutions

YLEO Skin and Hair

Eczema disturbance solutions

Anti Aging Assessment

Anti Aging Solutions

Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation Program


Vibrant Health

Essential fatty acids deficiency

Systems Inquiry 1 System Check

Systems Inquiry 2 Core Source Issue

Systems Inquiry 3 Grading

Systems Inquiry 4 Lifestyle Support

Systems Inquiry 5 Under the Hood (Organs/Glands)

Dental Assessment 1 teeth

Dental Assessment 2 Interference Fields

Dental Assessment 3 Health Issues

Dental Assessment Dental Material Reactivity

Dental ENergetic SOlutions

Depression Energetic Disturbance

DepressionEnergetic SOlutions

Lymphatic Disturbance Assessment

Lymphatic System Anatomy

Biotics weight management

Weight Loss and supercharged Metabolism Program

Weight Release 1 Core Elements

Weight Release 10 Amino Acids

Weight Release 11 Essential Oils

Weight Release 12 Food Plans

Weight Release 13 Practices

Weight Release 14 SUperfoods

Weight Release 15 Fatty Acid Metabolism

Weight Release 2 Assessment

Weight Release 3 Systems

Weight Release 4 Affirmations

Weight Release 5 Emotions

Weight Release 6 Solutions

Weight Release 7 BRown fat

Weight Release 8 Vitamins

Weight Release 9 Minerals

Minerals- Rife Frequencies-Minerals and MEtals

Mineral 1

MInerals 2 Supplementation

MIneral 3 Food as Medicine

Urinary Tract Infection Disturbance Assessment

Urinary Tract Infection Energetic Solutions

Asthma Assessment

Asthma Solutions

Sleep Adrenal Assessment

Sleep Brain Waves

Sleep Deeply 1 Brain Harmony

Sleep Deeply 2 Hormonal Reboot

Sleep Deeply 3 Nervous System Reset

Sleep Deeply 4 Fall Asleep Easily

Sleep Deeply 5 Sleep Through the Night

Sleep Deeply 6 Wake up Refreshed

Sleep Deeply 7 Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Sleep Hormones

Sleep Ley Lines

Sleep Physiology

Sleep Solutions

Peaceful Sleep Promotion Program

Insomnia Assessment

Insomnia Solutions

Endocrine Regeneration 1 Estrogen Cycling

Endocrine Regeneration 2 Progesterone Cycling

Endocrine Regeneration 3 Male Hormones

Endocrine Regeneration 4 Nutrition

Endocrine Regeneration 5 PCOS

Endocrine Regeneration 6 Hormonal Cancers Assessment

Endocrine Regeneration 7 Hormonal Cancers Solutions

Endocrine Regeneration 8 Affirmations

Fat Meltaway Frequencies 3 Hormones and Hormone Disruptors

Hormones COnditions

Hormone Disturbance Assessment

Hormone Disturbance Solutions

Hormones Women’s Reproductive System

Hormones YOung Living Oils

Menopause Assessment 1 Hormones

Menopause Assessment 2 Lifestyle

Menopause Assessment  3 Yin Deficiency

Menopause Solutions

Mens Health & Hormones- Reproductive System

Men’s Health- Hormonal Remedies

Men’s Health- Hormones

PCOS Assessment

PCOS Hormones

PCOS Solutions

Skin Rejuvanation and Youth restoration Series 6: Adrenal and Hormone Upgrade

Sleep Deeply 2 Hormonal Reboot

Sleep Hormones

Vessel Solutions  11 Hormones

THO 1 Estrogen Balancing

THO 2 Progesterone Balancing

THO 3 Cortisol Balancing

THO 4 Testosterone Balancing ( Men)

THO 5  Testosterone Balancing ( Women)

THO 6 DHEA Balancing

THO 7 Melatonin Balancing

Cortisol Rhythm

Sexual Vitality

Sexual Vitality Revitalization( suitable for ED Harmonization)

Fertility Energetic   Disturbance Assessment

Fertility Energetic Solutions

Prostate Assessment

Prostate Solutions

Virus Harmonizing Rife Frequencies

 Autoimmune Assessment Antibodies Disturbance

Autoimmune Disturbance Assessment

Autoimmune Energetic Solutions

Healing Chronic Cases- Assessment 4- Embracing Positive Beliefs

Healing Chronic Cases 10- Immune Assessment

Healing Chronic Cases 13-Limiting Beliefs

Healing Chronic Cases 7- Toxic Exposures and EMF Assessment

Healing Chronic Cases 12- Healing Affirmations

Healing Chronic Cases- Assessment 3- Helpful Probiotics

Healing Chronic Cases 11- Cancer Healing Frequencies

Healing Chronic Cases Assessment 5 DIgestive

Healing Chronic Cases- Assessment 2-GI Hormones and Nervous System

Healing Chronic Cases- Assessment 1- Global Causative Factors

Healing Chronic Cases 8- Common Infections

Healing Chronic Cases 9- Hormonal Balance

Healing Chronic Cases Assessment-7 Methylation

Healing Chronic Cases Assessment 6- Geopathic Stress

Healing Hidden Infections 10: Immune System Solutions

Healing Hidden Infections 11: Infection Assessment

Healing Hidden Infections 12: Infection Solutions

Healing Hidden Infections 13: Parasite Assessment

Healing Hidden Infections 14: Parasite Solutions

Healing Hidden Infections 1: Biofilm Disturbance Assessment

Healing Hidden Infections 2: Biofilm Energetic SOlutions 3 Antimicrobials

Healing Hidden Infections 3: Biofilms Energetic Solutions 1 Enzymes

Healing Hidden Infections 4: BiofilmsEnergetic Solutions 2 Clays

Healing Hidden Infections 5: Candida Disturbance Assessment

Healing Hidden Infections 6: CAndida Panel

Healing Hidden Infections 7: Candida Solutions 1 Alkalize

Healing Hidden Infections 8: Candida solutions 2 Remedies

Healing Hidden Infections 9: Immune System Assessment

Immune Resilience 1 Remedies for resilience

Immune Resilience 2 Dissolve and Clear

Immune Resilience 3 Affirmations and Instructions

Infection Harmonizing Mini 1 Immune

Infection Harmonizing Mini  2 Infections

Infection Harmonizing Mini  3 Adapt

COlds/ Flu Pack 1 Cold Disturbance Assessment

Colds/ Flu Pack 2 colds Solutions

Colds/ Flu Pack 3 Influenza Disturbance Assessment

Colds/ Flu Pack 4 Influenza Solutions

Dermatomes 1 – Dermatomes

Dermatomes 2- Spinal Nerve Viruses

Dermatomes 3 Virus SOlutions

Hashimotos Assessment

Hashimotos Solutions

Lyme Assessment

Lyme Clear all Forms Strengthen the body

Lyme Treatment

VAccine Assessment

Vaccine Solutions

SIBO Assessment

SIBO Treatment

Sjogrens Assessment

Zika Global

Zika Virus Protection