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3 Reasons Entrepreneurs Need Self-Care

By Brad Krause

Being an entrepreneur requires time and energy to grow your business. However, while hard work is a key ingredient to a successful company, taking time for yourself is equally important. These three reasons from Gut Can Be Happy explain why it is necessary for busy entrepreneurs to prioritize self-care.

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1. Promotes Physical Health

A lack of self-care affects many aspects of intangible health, including mental, emotional, and spiritual. However, it can also impact your physical well-being.

You might suffer unnecessary physical side effects simply because you are not taking time to listen to your body. For example, if you are experiencing stomach cramps or bloating, you may have a food sensitivity or you may be eating too much of a certain food group, such as dairy — Gut Can Be Happy can help you find out.

Another physical side effect you may experience is poor sleep. If you are always fixating on work projects, it is difficult for your brain to shut down at the end of the day, especially if you are looking at your laptop or phone until the moment you go to bed. 

2. Provides Increased Awareness of Your Needs

Taking time for yourself also helps you become more aware of your needs. You may not even know the benefits of some habits until you make time for them. The best part is many self-care practices are not time-consuming.

An excellent example is working out. Exercise is wonderful for mental and physical health. If you are not in the habit of exercising, you might be unaware of its many benefits. A great way to maintain an exercise routine with a busy schedule is by utilizing short, at-home workouts. They save you time and money, too, since many are available online for free.

Other examples include relaxation and hobbies; if you do not make time for them, you might not realize the joys you are missing out on. If your calendar is packed with activities and obligations outside of work, this can cause fatigue as there is little time left for self-care. As with exercising, schedule time for relaxation throughout the day, such as reading a book, taking a bubble bath, or working on an art project. 

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3. Yields More Focus and Energy

While you might think more hours equals more completed work, you may actually end up with the opposite result. With no breaks, you will likely become exhausted faster, a common occurrence in the workforce. One report states that 77% of employees have endured burnout at their current positions. By setting aside time for yourself, you give your brain a chance to reenergize, making you more productive when you get back to work. 

A fantastic way to maximize your productivity and allow more time for relaxing is by outsourcing. Administrative duties, bookkeeping, and marketing are all jobs that can be outsourced to professionals.

Another example is hiring a formation service to file a limited liability company for your business. While you can file an LLC in Nevada by yourself, a formation company saves you time by handling the heavy lifting. An LLC can also save you stress down the road by giving your company tax advantages, increased flexibility, less paperwork, and limited liability. Plus, you avoid expensive lawyer fees by taking this route.

These three reasons illustrate why self-care is essential to business owners. No matter where you are at in your entrepreneur journey, take time for yourself to make the most impact at work. 

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