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Biofeedback Migraine Assessment and Solution Program

Biofeedback Migraine Assessment and Solution Program

A human can go through 140 types of headaches and migraine is one of them. Chronic or mild migraine causes severe pain in one side of the head continuously. This is a common health problem, might stay 1 day to 3 days at once. 

The biofeedback program has made a panel to find out the factors resonating with migraines. This assessment panel works with 13 different items. These can be categorized into blood sugar problem, chemical exposure, emotional root cause, food consumption, histamine, leaky gut condition, and liver health. This article will provide a detailed explanation of how these factors are causing migraines. 

Blood Sugar– blood sugar is related to hormonal imbalances, especially epinephrine and norepinephrine. The imbalance in these two hormones also affects brain blood vessel function, causing headaches. 

Chemical Exposure– In this modern era of the scientific revolution, the environment is filled with chemicals such as carbon monoxide, sulfuric acid, ammonia, chlorine. The body can not process heavy metals such as chromium, silica, mercury’ as a result they are stored in the body, for a long time runs through the blood, produces toxins. Toxins mix with blood and reach the brain, which affects the hormonal and neurotransmitters; this causes migraines. 

Emotional root cause– The brain receives signals whenever the body is going through emotional disturbance. To minimize the effect of anxiety, stress, trauma, tiredness, sadness, the brain releases more hormones to minimize the effects and to make happier situations. This requires a hormonal secretion in an excess level than the regular time. Going through regular emotional trauma is why creates hormonal imbalances and pain. 

Food consumption- excess consumption of cheese, red wine, soy sauce can also contribute to migraine as they contain high levels of sodium and fat. 

Gut and Liver Health– Gut health is related to digestion and releasing unwanted food products from the body. The gut can be sensitive to many food items. It can be gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant, it can be sensitive to starch, protein, or any other food group. The excess level of histamine or IgE resonates with food allergy. Gut health can be disturbed by many reasons such as allergy, gluten intolerance, probiotics, leaky gut, hormonal imbalance, inflammation, and many more. The biofeedback program even offers an assessment program for gut health. Toxicity, inflammation. Allergy, the discomfort that raises from gut and liver conditions, can also contribute to migraines. 

Migraine Assessment and Solution Panel

The biofeedback migraine solution program works with 18 individual items to minimize the pain. Most of these are frequencies and herbs that are essential to migraine relief. 

A frequency of 20 Hz, 727 Hz, 787 Hz, 880 Hz, 5000 Hz can be applied as external head pressure. To solve headaches biliary, 3.5 Hz, 8.5 Hz these frequencies are applied. If the headache is caused by toxicity, frequencies ranging from 522 Hz, 146 Hz, 4.9 Hz can help to improve it. Also for migraine disorder,  150 Hz, 180 Hz 2320 Hz are beneficial. 

Some herbs play effectively solve different body imbalances that cause migraines. 

Burdock improves inflammation, digestion problems, skin problems caused by toxicity. Butterbur is widely used for migraine pain, it normally starts working in 2 weeks. Dandelion is enriched in antioxidants, vitamin C. it removes toxins from the liver, purifies blood, eases migraine pain. Feverfew is also known as Tanacetum parthenium L. this has a wild use for easing any type of headaches. Gingko and kava also improve immunity. 

Essential oils help to relax stress and the mind. The smell from these oils strikes the olfactory nerves, that send signals into the brain, exciting cells slowly become deactivated, and calms the brain, reduces stress. Peppermint oil works pretty well in this context. 

CoQ10 and riboflavin supplements can be taken to minimize chronic pain instantly. 

Migraines bring discomfort to do daily focus. Lack of focus, demotivation, sickness, mood swings all come altogether with a migraine. 

Biofeedback Migraine Assessment and Solution Program:

Are you interested in seeing which factors are currently resonating with you? Try our Biofeedback Migraine Assessment and Solution Program. Click here to access the list of items that are included in this panel.

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