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Biofeedback Liver Health Assessment and Solution Program

The liver, one of the vital organs in the human body is associated to balance the chemical level, bile production, metabolism, and enzyme activation. The digestion process is thoroughly dependent on a healthy liver function. Any disturbances or imbalances in level can leave an impact on single or multiple body functions depended on this organ. changes in skin tone, indigestion, constipation, abdominal pain, jaundice, gallbladder stone, etc are some of the common symptoms of liver imbalances. This biofeedback article on liver assessment can help you to find out the condition of your liver health. 

Liver Health Assessment Panel 

Bilirubin- Bilirubin is found in red blood cells. This pigmented substance travels through the liver via blood. Excessive bilirubin creates different bile duct problems. 

Bile Duct – Bile salt is necessary to melt gallstones. Gallstones often block the bile duct and this is a condition that is not in favor of liver health. 

Bacteria- Bacterial infections are highly related to liver functions. It imbalances and damages the proper regulation and secretion of different enzymes, needed for digestion; ending up in different liver diseases. 

Enzymes- Alk Phos & GGT Enzyme may be found in the bloodstream if the liver is leaked. ALT Enzymes destroy the liver cell.  The ASP Enzymes levels are also needed to be checked for liver health assessment. 

Gallbladder- The gallbladder produces enzymes to demolish the high-fat substances in the body. A disturbed gallbladder fails to maintain this mechanism. As a result, fats are not demolished in the required level, they are stored in the liver causing fatty liver, also develops stones. Gallstones block the bile duct, cause an imbalance in the pancreas.

 High cholesterol- Consuming too much fast food increases the cholesterol level, this is a problematic condition for heart health, gallbladder, liver health. 

Hepatitis Virus- Hepatitis virus attacks the liver and causes Hepatitis A, B, C. hepatitis can be a fatal disease for many people. This virus completely destroys liver functions. Creates an imbalance in enzyme secretion. 

Intrahepatic stones, liver fluke, malnutrition also cause an equal impact for liver imbalances and de functionality. 

Liver Solution panel 

The biofeedback program has pre-programmed the major factors contributing to liver disturbances. After scanning the voice and image of the client, this program finds out the disturbance areas and according to that, this program suggests a solution panel for remedy. 

Amino acids- Alpha lipoic acid, glutathione, zeolite, N-acetyl cysteine, etc help to dissolve gallstones, fat digestion, remove the blockage, improve overall liver and body function. 

Essential Oils- Essential oils are helpful for reducing mental and physical stress. The human body is connected to emotional health. Stress affects body functions. Different essential oils such as Castor oil pack, lemon essential oil can be used for self-care and relaxation purposes. 

Herbs and plants- Different herbs and plants are highly recommended to regulate the chemical balance in the liver. Beet powder, burdock root, dandelion root, ginger, milk thistle, etc herbs are also enriched in antioxidants, they have anti-inflammatory substances. The study has proved their role for immunity boosting, heart activity, balancing chemical levels, proper digestion, etc. 

Liquid Solution- This solution panel suggests some drink items, that can be included in the regular diet. Apple juice, carrot juice, green juice, essiac tea, etc drinks are enriched in antioxidants. They help in liver detoxification, releasing the toxins out from the body by flushing the gallbladder. 

Biofeedback Liver Health Assessment and Solution Program:

This article has focused on some of the assessment and solution items from the total panel. Are you interested in seeing which factors are currently resonating with you? Try our Biofeedback Liver Health Assessment and Solution Program. Click here to access the list of items that are included in this panel.

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