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Biofeedback Injuries Assessment and Urgent Healing Program

Biofeedback Injuries Assessment and Urgent Healing Program

Injury is the feeling of internal body pain; felt severely in any body part caused by any external reason. Accident, trauma, hit, trauma, sickness, nutrition deficiency, and many more reasons can cause internal or external body injury. 

Biofeedback Injuries Assessment and Urgent Healing Program

The biofeedback injury assessment panel has preprogrammed frequencies for 14 major injury areas. The client’s voice and image are scanned using the Fast Fourier Transformation algorithm, and the received frequency is matched with the preprogrammed ones to find out the energetic disturbances. 

Some of the items this program uses are mentioned in the following parts of this article. 

Bones– The human body has 206 bones. Any fractures or bone-breaking due to accidents causes chronic pain. With the aging process, calcium density decreases, uric acid imbalances, degeneration processes in the bones also can cause further injury and pain. 

Bruise– Bruise is generally any damage in the skin cell. This is also known as Contusion in medical terms. Fascia is a connective tissue covering any outer side of an organ. Inflammation in these cells leads up to skin injury. 

Joint & Ligament– Joint is the place where two bones connect to each other through ligaments. Ligaments are connective tissues. A sprain is a condition of tearing the ligaments. Any external force can cause injury here. 

Muscle– Muscle pull, strain, these types of injuries can frequently occur from abnormal sleeping positions, or while playing and exercising.  

Injury Solution Panel 

Bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, are the main sensitive areas that can frequently face injuries. The biofeedback assessment panel tests these frequencies and finds out the client’s weak points. And give a solution to heal the injuries. 

The solution panel has some essential plants and herbs, and therapeutic ideas that can help to ease the pain of injury. 

Arnica is a herb that can be applied to heal damaged skin cells in a gel form. Boswellia extract is beneficial to cartilage loss and works as a pain killer. Calendula is applied to improve muscle spasms, also this makes the skin better. CBD oil can ease body aches. Comfrey is used to reduce muscle cramps, heal bruises, ligament, and joint pain. Turmeric is an antioxidant. This is being used in ayurvedic treatment from ancient times. Turmeric is very beneficial to heal wounds. Consuming turmeric releases toxins from the body. 

Using supplements enriched in Hypericum perforatum, Magnesium citrate, Magnesium Taurate maintains the nutritional balance in the body. 

Hot and cold water alternating therapy can help to minimize the pain immediately. This can give instant relief from the pain, although not completely. 

Injury Urgent Healing Panel 

Supplements, herbs, and therapeutic treatment improve the injured condition gradually. But sometimes a client may need urgent healing from the pain. This panel suggests some substances and procedures that may help to heal fast. 

Frequencies- to accelerate healing, a frequency of 7.83 Hz is applied.  85 Hz frequency relieves acute pain. To oxygenate cells, 16 Hz is used; 4000 Hz frequency is associated with fast healing and oxygenation. 

Bach flower has an accelerated impact to heal injuries. Arnica-100M/10M/1M/200C; Hypericum 10M/1M/200C; these levels are maintained for a fast recovery. 

This panel focuses on pain reduction from ankle, back, finger, hand, knee, chest, hip, tendon, shoulder areas. For pain reduction, different essential oil massage on the external part of the body gives quick relief. Controlling mental stress, improving the nervous system through different exercises or tonics.

The body needs a proper balancing in interleukins, tumor necrosis factors. In order to control swelling in the broken areas, hot and cold water therapy can be applied immediately. White blood cells are needed to be optimized. Controlling bleeding is very important to minimize blood loss and aftershock. 

Biofeedback Injuries Assessment and Urgent Healing Program:

The injury urgent healing panel works with 66 different factors, all having effects to accelerate the injury healing process. This article mentions some of them. Are you interested in seeing which factors are currently resonating with you? Try our Biofeedback Injuries Assessment and Urgent Healing Program. Click here to access the list of items that are included in this panel.

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