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Biofeedback Gut Assessment and Solutions Program

The gut is the part of the digestive system, starts from the mouth and ends after removing out the unnecessary part of undigested foods through the anus. This is also known as the gastrointestinal tract. From the time we start eating any food, the gut starts working. Food is passed to the esophagus and then to the stomach, after breaking them into pieces with the help of teeth and by getting mixed with different enzymes. The small and the large intestine, rectum, and anus are the other main parts of the gut. These parts help to absorb the important elements from the food and to release out unnecessary products from the body. 


An unhealthy gut can lead to various diseases such as acid reflux, appendicitis, liver cancer, bowel cancer, IBS, gallstones, and many more. Considering the role of a healthy gut in food digestion, absorption, releasing the waste from the body, and consequences of an unhealthy gut,  Biofeedback has designed a program to assess gut health problems and solutions. 

This program is divided into three parts. 

1. Gut Assessment 

2. Gut Assessment – Food Allergies

3. Gut Solutions

This program has some pre-defined frequencies for each of the items enlisted in the panel. The program scans frequencies using vocal sound and image, applies Fast Fourier Transformations to harmonize these frequencies. 

This article on gut assessment and solutions will focus on providing a description regarding these panels to give a client an idea on why this gut health is so important, and why these items are checked during this program, how he/she can receive a solution for their problems. 

Biofeedback Gut Assessment Panel 

Bacteria & virus– Bacteria can cause a leaky gut. Leaky gut is the condition where bacterias are leaked. Parasitic infection, mold exposures, norovirus, rotavirus, these items are checked to assess gut health.  

Chew food properly– The teeth break the food into small particles. Then the saliva, enzymes are mixed with it to pass it to the next step for digestion. If not chewed properly, the allowed sizes are not perfect, so creates a problem for the process. 

Emotion– There are so many people who suffer from an emotional eating disorder. They tend to eat whenever they feel stressed or emotional. This is an unusual process, cause the enzymes and hormones work properly when we are in need of food. Stress eating is a burden there. 

Food allergy – The gut can be sensitive to a specific group of food or drink. While consuming the food a person is sensitive to, the body gives a reaction against it which causes food allergy. Food allergy can be seen in skin externally such as rashes, redness, sneezing, internally it creates inflammation or redness in parts of the gut. Excessive histamines also cause food allergies to certain food items. 

Glial Cells – Glia cells establish a connection between the nervous and immune systems of the gut. Deficiency in glial cells can further affect EMF, damage, infection, and irritation in the vagus nerve. 

Heavy metal exposure– living in the era of science, this is hardly possible to avoid the effects of the metal. Mercury, sulfur, lead, etc are a few heavy metals that are found in abundance in the environment. Every person falls prey to exposure to these metals. Through the respiratory system, heavy metals enter the human body and the body can not digest these metals. It affects gut health, respiratory health, accelerates many diseases. 

HCL– Hydrochloric acid is an important part of the food digestion process. Deficient or excessive production of HCL can cause an unhealthy gut which affects the food absorption process. 

Biofeedback Gut Assessment – Food Allergies Panel 

A human body can be sensitive to so many food or drink or to a specific group of items. While consuming sensitive food, the human body gives a reaction to digest this food. This reaction occurs as the gut or other organs need to release more energy, enzymes, or hormones to process the food. This reaction often leads to redness, rashes, inflammation, sneezing, eye redness, etc. these phenomena are simply called allergic reactions. 

Consuming allergic foods once or more often may affect gut health. This is why, the biofeedback gut assessment panel, examines 42 food items. This program has pre-programmed the frequencies of these items in normal to abnormal ranges. After analyzing the frequency received from progressive insights, a client can easily find out the foods he or she is allergic to. Some of the food items from the panels are- almond, avocado, barley, cashew, cheese, eggs, goat milk, lactose, soy, tomatoes, whey, etc. 

Biofeedback Gut Solutions Panel 

After analyzing gut problems, the biofeedback program suggests every client a solution program. This solution is also derived from the response frequency received from his image and voice. The panels take care of every item, the client is harmonizing to and responding positively. 

Addiction release- Addiction controlling is very important for a healthy gut and healthy life. The client needs to get rid of food addiction, alcohol addiction, stress eating.

Herbs- Different herbs help to improve gut health conditions. Ashwagandha, beet powder, cloves, garlic, holy basil, neems, oil of oregano; these herbs are full of antioxidants, helps the gut to release its toxins, and function properly. 

Minerals- Magnesium Citrate, Magnesium Glycinate, Methylated B Vitamins also help to clear and maintain healthy gut health. 

Physical exercises- Jawline and neck stretch is important to maintain the chewing process, spinal balance. 

The biofeedback program helps to find out all the problems and its solution to help you lead a healthy life. Are you interested in seeing which factors are currently resonating with you? Try our Biofeedback Gut Assessment and Solutions Panel. Click here to access the list of items that are included in this panel.

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