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Biofeedback Fitness Assessment Program

The human body works like a machine from the beginning of life till the end. Body fitness is a condition that helps to regulate, maintain, and balance all the body functioning properly. This is also a measure of the ability to perform any bodywork, such as sports, cardio, or any hard labor. 

Good health depends on body fitness. The measurement of fitness can be different for individual bodies. But there are some common aspects that are important for each body. The biofeedback fitness assessment program has come up with a panel with 24 different aspects for fitness checking. Some of the major aspects are described in this article. 

Adrenal balance- Adrenal gland is associated with the production and secretion of hormones for metabolism, immunity, blood pressure. This gland also gives response to emotional activity such as anxiety, stress, depression. Any imbalances in the adrenal anatomy affect all these functionalities.

Alcohol Consumption– Excessive alcohol consumption can damage gut health, liver, pancreas. May lead to fatal diseases such as cancer, cirrhosis. 

Cardiovascular efficiency– The cardiovascular system is engaged in receiving from the body and transmitting blood to the overall body. This system regulates the heart to pump blood. 

Arteries, veins, heart, and capillaries are the basic main parts of the cardiovascular system. Stroke, arrhythmia, heart attack, heart failure, are some of the frequent cardiovascular diseases. These CVDs are caused by weak cardio performance, obesity, stress, poor diet, poor sleep, unhealthy lifestyle, and many more reasons. 

Cigarettes smoke– Cigarettes smoke affects the overall body system especially the respiratory system. This is also dangerous to brain health, reproductive system. 

Emotions– Human body is connected to its emotions. With every emotion it goes through, the brain receives a signal and produces a hormone as a response to either minimize or maximize the effect. The brain tries to send neurotransmitters and different hormones at an excessive level as a response to anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, past trauma. Going through these emotions regularly affects the rest of the body’s functions. 

GMO– GMOs are artificially made by crossing DNA from other natural substances. Corn, cotton, potato, papaya, starch, are some of the most consumed GMO products. As being an artificial product, the mutation of different particles can harm the body’s functions. 

Gut Health– Gut health is related to digestion and releasing unwanted food products from the body. The gut can be sensitive to many food items. It can be gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant, it can be sensitive to starch, protein, or any other food group. Gut health can be disturbed by many reasons such as allergy, gluten intolerance, probiotics, leaky gut, hormonal imbalance, inflammation, and many more. The biofeedback program even offers an assessment program for gut health. 

Hormonal balance- The chemical substances i.e. hormones are necessary to balance, boost, and regulate different body functions. From digestion to the reproductive system, from boosting immunity to reducing mental anxiety; different hormones and enzymes take an active part. Hormonal imbalances can occur from an unhealthy lifestyle, poor sleep, obesity, internal body diseases, probiotics, underlying infections, and so many other reasons. 

Inflammation- Inflammation is a natural response for any injury healing. The cells go through swelling as the body’s immunity system tries to fight against the disturbance. Liver inflammation, skin inflammation, joint inflammation, lean inflammation, are some of the inflammation a body goes through while healing any internal or external injury. These aspects are also brought under the focus in this panel. 

Nutrition– Nutrition is a must to regulate body function and maintains immunity. A proper diet can ensure the level of minerals, vitamins, carbs, protein, fat, and water intake; all of these are in harmony. Any malnutrition causes minor and major issues in the body system. 

Weight Balance– Body weight is normally triggered in most cases whenever the body goes through any problems. People are seen to have a habit of stress eating, hormonal imbalances cause weight gain/loss, major diseases leave a negative impact on body weight. Underweight or overweight, both of them are not expected for a healthy body system. Maintaining a proper body weight with proper fat and muscle mass, needs a proper diet, regular physical activities, and a healthy lifestyle.

Lack of fitness can cause premature aging, muscle loss, depression, demotivation to do any work. That’s is why finding fitness harmony is so important for leading a healthy life.

Are you interested in seeing which factors are currently resonating with you? Try our Biofeedback Fitness Assessment Program. Click here to access the list of items that are included in this panel.

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