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Biofeedback Fertility Energetic Disturbance Assessment & Solution Program

Fertility is the condition of producing eggs in the female body to give birth to a new life. Fertility for men refers to the ability to produce sperms and making their partner pregnant. 

Producing quality eggs and sperms is equally important along with the quantity. Infertility is the condition with poor quality of eggs or sperms; or less production of them. Infertility blocks the happiness of giving birth to new life, and becoming parents. 

A man and woman, both of the gender can be infertile. Infertility is one of them is the reason for not conceiving. There can be many reasons behind infertility. The biofeedback fertility energetic disturbance program investigates the problems that are causing the client infertility. 

This program has preprogrammed 24 major factors contributing to infertility. 

Fertility Energetic Disturbance Assessment

Anovulatory Cycle– Eggs are normally released from the ovaries during the menstrual cycle. An anovulatory cycle is an abnormal condition where the eggs are not released. Irregular menstrual cycle, weight gaining, lack of cervical mucus, less amount of blood during the cycle, are the normal symptoms of the anovulatory cycle

Blood Sugar Imbalance– Excess levels of sugar and insulin can damage the ovulation cycle.

Casein Intolerance– Casein is a type of protein that is proven toxic for the reproduction system in the human body. Consuming excess level of high protein, low fats are highly dangerous to ovulation. 

Chlamydia– This is a sexually transmitted disease damaging ovulation and causing infertility. 

EMF Exposure– Frequent exposure to electromagnetic frequencies can cause irregular ovulation. Using electric devices which radiate EMF such as laptops, computers in the lap, it is not good for fertility. 

Food Intolerance- A healthy body is expected when a client is expecting to conceive a baby, and for a healthy body, nutrition is a must. People who are sensitive to several groups of food suffer from malnutritions which leads to infertility. Women suffering from food intolerance such as gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance mostly go through infertility. Food intolerance is also responsible for miscarriage. 

Heavy metal toxicity- Human body can not process heavy metals. In the era of modern science and industrialization, a person is frequently having exposure to these heavy metals. Metals such as chromium, mercury, silicon, paraben, are a curse for the human body. As these are not processed by the body, they stay there and run through the blood throughout the body, damaging the normal functionality. 

Hormonal Imbalance– Adrenal, estrogen, progesterone, thyroid hormones are important for fertility. Adrenal hormones develop and improve the reproductive system. Estrogen and progesterone are sex hormones that drive the sexual needs in the body. Thyroids maintain the regular flow and menstrual cycle. These hormonal imbalances are a hinder to the overall reproductive system.

Inflammation- Inflammation in any internal area may cause hormonal imbalances, PCOS, ovarian diseases. 

Yin Deficiency– Yin is the sign of femaleness. Yin deficiency naturally causes infertility. 

Infertility can be found in both men and women. Relationship conflict, stress levels, mental trauma, underlying infection in the body, are also responsible for infertility in any of them. The biofeedback program helps to find out the deficiency and harmony and to give a proper solution to their problems. 

Fertility Energetic Solutions

Different plant herbs and essential oils are very beneficial to solve the infertile problem. These herbs can develop irregular cycles, relaxing the mind and reducing stress levels. 

Controlling sugar level– Sugar levels damage the ovulation period. Male and females, having diabetes are mostly at risk of infertility. That is why sugar intake level needs to be reduced. The people having sweet teeth can eat natural sweets coming from the fruits to meet up their sweet cravings. 

Essential Oils– Clients can use essential oil coming from Borage oil, Evening Primrose Oil, essential oils for mind relaxation. 

Fatty Acids– An omega-3 fatty acid is essential fatty acid for women. This fatty acid can be regularly consumed, found in abundance in sea fishes such as salmon, cod, and many more. 

Herbs – Ashwagandha is enriched in iron, maintains the blood level, boosts the menstrual cycle, helps to control the thyroid. Chaste Tree Berry increases the level of LH and decreases the level of FSH. Dandelion root, dong Quai also promotes ovarian health. Green juice, holy basils have antioxidant substances. These substances help to remove the toxins from the body. Reduces liver inflammation. 

Protein Supplements- The female, who has casein intolerance, gluten intolerance can try out whey protein. 

Medicine SUppliments– Folliculinum 7CH, Ovarinum 7CH, Progesteronum 7CH, these supplements are encouraged to improve the deficiencies. 

Biofeedback Fertility Energetic Disturbance Assessment & Solution Program:

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