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Biofeedback Emotion Cleanse and Release Program

Emotions are one of life’s many gifts; they allow us to experience the full range of what it means to be alive. We can appreciate what each emotional experience offers, from sadness to joy when we have a healthy relationship with them. If you find yourself reacting to situations or withdrawing, an emotional cleanse may be beneficial.

According to Boyle, the goal of an emotional cleanse is not to rid your body of what you may consider negative emotions but rather to clear out those that have stagnated and become stuck, allowing you to process and experience all of the emotions in a healthy way. An emotional cleanse can help digest emotional experiences, like a physical cleanse can help digest food. Emotions can become stuck due to trauma, unhealthy attachments, or resistance to certain emotions — usually because we lack the tools to deal with them.

As mentioned by Boyle, “Interestingly, as we digest our entire emotions, our ability to empathize with others without becoming reactive improves.

Biofeedback Emotion Cleanse and Release Program

With the Biofeedback Emotion Cleanse and Release Program, you can flush out negativity and pave the way for new positive habits, behaviors, and emotions.

When most people think of a detox/cleanse, they envision a physical experience. But it is not only physical bodies that must be cleansed of the impurities encounter and absorb in daily lives; minds must also be cleansed. When a person cannot process negative emotions and feelings that are becoming toxic to him and those around him, it is time for an emotional cleanse, a mindful and systematic guide to freedom from these troubling feelings.

Biofeedback Emotion Cleanse and Release Program

We provided a Biofeedback Emotion Cleanse and Release Program to assist in removing negativity, fear, worry, anger, and doubt from your life and guiding back to a natural, energized state of pure joy and acceptance. Learn how to clear your pathway, emit positivity, look inward, surrender, nourish, activate, and ease way into best self and a happier, healthier life. Emotional cleansing is a much-needed soul reset.

The Mind-Body Connection

Biologically, we are a series of chemical and physical reactions.

When a person is anxious, his tummy can flip. When he sees a pudding he like, his mouth may begin to water. His cheeks may flush and are essentially ‘feeling his thinking.’

Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes can impact biological functioning, either positively or negatively.

In other words, mental health affects physical health and vice versa.

Mind-Body Connection

Resistance Versus Attachment

It is all too easy to get caught in a cycle of emotions, becoming entirely resistant for feeling certain (resulting in suppression/depression) or becoming overly attached to experiencing others. These behavioral processes are prevalent, but they can be challenging to break free from on your own.

Resistance Versus Attachment

Frequency Of Emotion + Energy

The term ‘E-Motion’ refers to energy in motion. So, allowing some emotions can disrupt the body’s energy system, which if continued for a long enough period, can lead to dis-ease.

Each emotion has its vibrational frequency. This is how a biofeedback machine can determine which emotion is out of balance and then provide feedback on that frequency, allowing you to release and move through the emotion.

Frequency Of Emotion + Energy

Biofeedback for Emotion Cleanse and Release Program

Emotional Stresses

Discover and rebalance top emotional stresses, as well as why they may be a problem in the first place and what to focus on if they appear again.

Relationship Stresses

Discover and rebalance your top relationship stresses

Age Timeline

Discover and rebalance your most stressful times from conception to the present. Assist your body in letting go of these stressful times with ease and comfort.

Emotional Conflicts

Discover and rebalance your top emotional conflicts, as well as why they are a problem for you and how to prevent them from causing further conflict.

The NEP Profile

NEP is an abbreviation for Neuro Emotional Programming.

The Neuro Emotional Profile scans a set of emotions. It sends the frequencies back to stimulate and rebalance the brain, allowing you to identify any emotional imbalances (neuro part of NEP).

This allows us to recode how your brain responds to stimuli, allowing you to develop new and more advantageous behavioral patterns.

If you find you can answer ‘Yes’ to 3 or more of these questions, Biofeedback can help you:

  1. Do you find yourself overthinking things?
  2. Do you find it hard to express yourself?
  3. Or perhaps you find yourself worrying about the future?
  4. Do you have unresolved memories from the past?
  5. Or maybe you tend to bottle up your emotions?
  6. Do you regularly doubt/berate yourself?
  7. Do you find yourself editing before you speak, so you don’t cause a reaction?
  8. Would you consider yourself a ‘people pleaser’?
  9. Do you have unresolved memories from the past?
  10. Do you often feel angry, sad, anxious, guilty, or hurt?
  11. Or perhaps you tend to have self-limiting thoughts towards yourself?

Gut-brain connection

Gut-brain connection

(Biofeedback Emotion Cleanse and Release Program)

A lack of vital nutrients is often at the root of mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression.

Poor absorption of vital nutrients, un-informed dietary choices, over-processed foods, or a lack of efficient elimination can all lead to intestinal toxins, which can also lead to mental toxins due to the gut-brain connection.

Your intestines’ health has a significant impact on your neurology, emotions, and mental health.


Release any pent-up emotions that are impeding the flow of good health. Biofeedback Emotional Cleanse and Release program is a biofeedback balancing session! We test you across 69 of our programmed items in this panel. Then, we do balancing biofeedback sessions of any stress disturbances that were seen within these items.

  1. Anger Cleanse
  2. Any physical residue caused by emotions is released
  3. Bitterness turns to sweetness
  4. Bottled up emotions find positive release
  5. Cells release false emotions and are filled with light
  6. Cellular imprints of anger release
  7. Cellular imprints of resentment release
  8. Complete forgiveness of self
  9. Dissolve anxiety
  10. Easily release pent up emotions
  11. Embrace hopefulness
  12. Emotional purge combined with courage and resilience
  13. Experience Calming 6000 Hz
  14. Fearlessness in embracing emotions
  15. Feeling soothing and calming from within
  16. Forgive past actions of others
  17. Frustration release now
  18. Gain emotional balance 727 Hz 787 Hz 880 Hz 10000 HZ
  19. I acknowledge grief and sad feelings and release them
  20. I can breathe and positively release pent up emotions
  21. I can transform frustration into positive energy
  22. I choose to move beyond pity and experience my power
  23. I embrace truthfulness with courage
  24. I feel relief from emotional release
  25. I forgive my father
  26. I forgive my mother
  27. I forgive myself
  28. I let go of frustration
  29. I let go of the need to get even
  30. I move beyond my depression by allowing emotions to release
  31. I now see the truth and forgive the illusion
  32. I now speak out and release resentment about being suppressed
  33. I purge rage and anger from my cells and experience my truth
  34. I release emotional residue from cells and become more healthy and clear
  35. I release hatred
  36. I release shame and embrace the love for myself
  37. I release the fear that keeps me stubborn
  38. I release the need to be aggressive, knowing I am protected and strong
  39. I release the need to struggle
  40. I take responsibility for my emotions
  41. I take responsibility for myself
  42. Jealousy is illusion
  43. Know illusion of arrogance and release
  44. Let go of anguish
  45. Let go of argumentativeness
  46. Let go of emotional connections to illness
  47. Let go of feelings of jealousy
  48. Let go of hostility
  49. Let go of the illusion of abandonment
  50. My cells release anger
  51. My cells release bitterness
  52. My cells release fear
  53. My cells release the rage
  54. My physical aches connected to emotions now release as I purge my emotions
  55. Past Childhood hurts quickly release
  56. Physical buildup from stuck emotions now releases
  57. Physical spaces in the body become more healthy as emotions release
  58. Pierce through illusion
  59. Purge rage
  60. Realize the illusion and let go
  61. Release anger
  62. Release anger from liver
  63. Release frustration from stomach
  64. Release loneliness
  65. Release resentment
  66. Releasing emotions is safe
  67. Releasing past sorrow
  68. Stagnation releases as emotions move
  69. These fears are truly unfounded

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