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Biofeedback Dermatomes Program

A dermatome is extracted from the single spinal nerve. This is a section on the skin. Dermatomes receive the signal from the nerve and send them to the brain. The brain receives the signals, analyses them, and takes necessary action which is needed to be taken against/for the signal. Dermatomes assessment can give a person idea of the different types of problems he might be going through. Also very helpful for diagnosis. 

This implies the importance of dermatomes in the human body. Biofeedback offers a dermatomes program, which analyses a client’s dermatomes conditions. This program has 3 panels. 

  1. Dermatomes 1
  2. Dermatomes 2 Spinal Nerve Viruses 
  3. Dermatomes 3 Virus Solutions. 

Dermatomes 1 contains all the pre-programmed frequencies for all 32 dermatomes a human body has. The second panel contains information for spinal nerve viruses and the last panel gives the solution for them. 

Dermatomes 1 

Cervical spinal nerves-  C2 to C8; jaw, head, neck, arms, shoulders, fingers, collarbones; dermatomes from these areas are scanned here. 

Thoracic Spinal Nerves– T1- to T12; areas from chest, nipples, abdomen, and back; dermatomes from these areas are scanned here. 

Lumbar Spinal Nerves– L1 to L5; back, hips, groin, thigh, knee, calf, ankle, toes; dermatomes from these areas are scanned here. 

Sacral Spinal Nerves– S1 to S5; lower back, thigh back, last toe, buttocks, genitals; dermatomes from these areas are scanned here. 

V1, V2, V3 are respectively ophthalmic, maxillary, and mandibular divisions to the skin on the face. 

Dermatomes 2- Spinal Nerve Viruses 

Some viruses attack spinal nerve areas, thus attacks the dermatomes. Due to the virus attack, dermatomes can not perform their function properly. Biofeedback dermatomes program checks the virus panel with all these possible viruses that may affect anyone’s spinal nerve and damage them. Cytomegalovirus, Epstein Barr, Flu X, H1N1, H3N2, Herpes simplex, Herpes virus X, HHV1-HHV5, HHV6A, HHV6B, HHV7, HSV 1, HHV 2, Human Papillomavirus, etc are some of the viruses that may frequently attack dermatomes system. 

Dermatomes 3- Virus Solutions

Due to different types of viruses, the spinal nerve can be damaged partially or fully. It affects receiving the signals from different parts of the body and sending them to the brain. The brain can not take any action if the signal is not properly received. Biofeedback dermatomes program checks the frequency response of virus for different dermatomes areas and finds out the disturbance from the frequency response. This program has designed a solution program that may help you to solve your dermatomes problems. 

Few items suggested by the biofeedback program are as follows. 

Astragulus– A helpful remedy for people suffering from dermatomes infections.

Cat’s claw-Cat’s claw helps with cancer, arthritis, infections. 

Herbs– herbs such as cinnamon, clove, garlic, lemon balm, olive leaf, thuja, uva ursi; these herbs have a huge use from ancient times to fight for different types of infections. They also have antioxidant factors, which are helpful for boosting immunity, clearing toxins from the body. 

The biofeedback system suggests that these items can be taken on a regular basis along with the regular diet chart. Apart from these, clean eating, proper sleep cycle, stressful healthy life is very important for dermatomes. 

Are you interested in seeing which factors are currently resonating with you? Try our Biofeedback Dermatomes Program. Click here to access the list of items that are included in this panel.

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