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Biofeedback Depression Energetic Disturbance & Solution Program

Depression is a negative state of mind that makes a person feel sad, demotivated, defocused. 

Depression can arise from one or many reasons. Personal life problems, losing a beloved person, break-ups, personal gains, not having what someone dreams for, temporary defeats, past trauma, physical illness, and many more reasons are directly or indirectly responsible for depression. Natural body imbalances such as hormonal imbalance, PCOS, menopause, physical illness can also make someone depressed. 

The biofeedback depression energetic disturbance program finds out the reason a person may have for depression. 

Hormonal imbalance is a prime factor behind depression. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that makes someone feel happy, it nullifies the stress hormones. Serotonin works to balance and regulate mental conditions. Serotonin also takes part in different body functions such as sleeping, eating, and digestion. 

Today, everyone is so busy making their ends meet. In the business, they are running continuously. Working hard physically, brainstorming all day. But in this chaos, they forget that the human body is like a machine. It needs rest to function. Sleep is the time the body gets its required rest. A proper sleep maintains all the brain cell activity, production, and secretion of different hormones and enzymes, regulates body function, and gifts in a happy stress-free mood.  

Sometimes, food sensitivity can lead to depression. Gluten sensitivity makes someone restricted from certain food groups. Gluten is a source of carbs and energy. Someone with gluten sensitivity also suffers from a lack of energy and a lack of energy demotivates them to do any physical work. Folate and melatonin deficiency also cause mood swings.

Lack of physical activity is another reason for depression. Exercises activate the regulation of dopamine, estrogen, serotonin, testosterone. These hormones elevate the mood with happiness, make a person more active and lively. Not having enough work or active things to pass time brings mental boredom. 

Depression is connected to one’s emotions. People often find it very hard to deal with their mental disturbances. When a person fails to accept past trauma, own guilt, express his own feelings, he normally gets lost in depression. Life takes different turns. It does not go as plan always. Life transition, failure, ups, and downs slowly push into depression. 

Demotivation and self negligence is a condition that can take away the spirit and confidence of making the life better, talking negatively to oneself, lack of communication, not having enough of social life decreases self-confidence. 

Depression Energetic Solution Panel 

Chronic depression is such a dangerous medical condition that slowly pushes a person on the way to committing self-harm, even taking away own life.

That is why finding the proper reason for accelerating depression and taking initiates to stabilize this is so important. The biofeedback depression solution program suggests some beneficial herbs and supplements that can naturally enhance your mental state. 

Acidophilus & Bifidus can help to improve the probiotic’s disturbances. 

Ashwagandha, mucuna, Rhodiola, Siberian ginseng; these herbs can promote sound sleep. Ashwagandha promotes testosterone production, improves fertility, helps to fight depression. Mucuna increases the production of dopamine, Rhodiola boosts physical and mental strength.

A proper sleep cycle can help a lot to fight depression. Keeping the body hydrated helps to have a sound sleep, balancing body temperature and other body activities. 

To releases mental emotions, deep breathing can be exercised. Binaural sound recording can help to calm the mind. Participating in regular physical exercise for at least 30 to 60 minutes can improve overall body and mental function. 

Biofeedback Depression Energetic Disturbance & Solution Program:

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