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Cholesterol Energetic program

Biofeedback Cholesterol Energetic Disturbance and Solution Program

Cholesterol, a lipid-type of substance, is found in the body cells. Cholesterol is beneficial for hormone production, vitamin D, and providing enzymes that are related to food digestion. Cholesterol is also found in the foods we consume. Excessive levels of cholesterols are stored in the body cells, these don’t dissolve in blood as being oily in nature, thus create fatty layers on the body, blocking vessels, damaging the regular function of different organs. 

HDL, LDL, VLDL; these three lipoproteins are found in the human body. Amongst these, high-density lipoprotein helps to transfer cholesterol from different body parts to the liver, and the liver filters them to remove them from the body. Low density and very low-density lipoproteins are generally referred to as unwanted cholesterols as they block arteries and blood vessels. 

Cholesterol disturbances may develop due to unhealthy eating habits, less physical activity, aging, obesity, body weight. The biofeedback cholesterol energetic disturbance panel works with 7 prime factors contributing to cholesterol disturbance. 

Apolipoprotein– Apolipoprotein A and B is responsible to carry lipids in the blood. Consuming foods that may contain excess fat levels, steroids in form of medicines can increase the Apolipoprotein levels and spiking up cholesterol levels. 

C Reactive Protein– Increase in C reactive protein or CRP level is a condition of high cholesterol level. 

HDL Cholesterol- High-density lipoprotein is considered as “good cholesterol” as it takes the cholesterol from different parts of the body to the liver and the liver takes it out from the body after filtration. A decrease in HDL cholesterol means less clearing from the body and they get stored in the body cells. 

Homocysteine- Homocysteine is produced in the body from eating red meats. Excess homocysteine may damage arteries, cause blood clots, block blood vessels. 

LDL Cholesterol– Low-density lipoprotein is generally referred to as unwanted cholesterols as they block arteries and blood vessels. Low HDL causes a rise in LDL and cholesterol levels. 

Triglycerides- This fat is found in the body. The human body gets the energy it needs from the food it eats. So burning the foods into energy needs body activity, physical activity. Lack of physical activity stores the food into fat cells and increases the level of triglycerides in the body. 


The biofeedback cholesterol solution problem suggests consuming vitamin B enriched foods as vitamin B can raise the HDL level. 

Cholesterol energetic vitamin b

Folic acid supplements improve the HDL level and lower down the LDL level. 

Policosanol intake can decrease cholesterol production in the liver. Foods such as beeswax, cereal grains, grasses, leaves, fruits, nuts, and seeds, produce policosanol. 

Policosanol also helps to break the LDL chain in the body. 

Diet is an essential part to control anybody’s disturbances. As cholesterol level depends a lot on the food one eats, diet needs to be optimized. Fiber keeps us full for a long time, so it controls the craving of eating junk foods every now and then. Also by increasing the fiber portion in every meal, one can control the carb portion, as carb transforms into fat cells if not burnt properly. One can also include Red yeast rice in his regular diet to maintain the carb need. 

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