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Biofeedback ADD & ADHD Energetic Disturbance & Solutions Program

ADD & ADHD are two neurological disorders with so many common symptoms. Before moving forward to the energetic disturbance caused due to ADD and ADHD, and their solution, it is important to have a clear idea of what these two neurological disorders are their common symptoms and their differences. 


What is ADD

ADD stands for Attention Deficit Disorder. Generally, people who lack attention, are easily distracted or forget things easily are referred to have Attention Deficit Disorder. 

What is ADHD 

ADHD is Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. ADHD starts developing in the human body from a very young age. Researchers claim after researching that children, who suffer to keep their concentration on any work, playing, studying for a long period of time, who are very reactive in terms of behavior are suffering.

From ADHD. they normally fall prey to ADHD even in their adultery age. 

Difference between ADD & ADHD 

General people often misunderstand ADD and ADHD to be the same thing. Although, they indicate attention deficit disorder; they are not the same. The main difference is. ADD is one type of ADHD. ADD is the subtype for inattentive attention condition and ADHD is the subtype of hyperactive attention condition. Before 1994, the medical personnel also used both of these types as ADD, but with the development of the medical research field, inattention and hyperactive condition have been divided into two different disorder conditions i.e. ADD and ADHD. 

Common Symptoms to detect ADD & ADHD 

Now that, ADD and ADHD is explained, this article will be now discussing the factors which may develop ADD or ADHD.

Developmental anomalies or deformities of the internal head, ear structure is vitally responsible for ADD and ADHD development. Besides, few hormones, nervous system default also accelerate ADD and ADHD. 

All of these items are enlisted in this biofeedback panel. This program takes care of these items, analyses the frequency response to find out the problems. This article discloses the importance of each item for the assessment and solution program.

(Biofeedback ADD & ADHD Energetic Disturbance & Solutions Program)

Inner Ear Structure

The ear is internally formed with 2 main structures; the cochlea and the vestibular system. The cochlea is responsible for hearing. The cochlea is full of fluid and the Organ of Corti exists in this fluid. The sound from the external environment is passed to the inner ear through this fluid. After receiving this wave, the cilia vibrate and hair cells transform them into nerve impulses i.e. signal which is then transmitted through the auditory nerve and presented as sound. 

The function of the cochlea clearly indicates its responsibility toward forming sound waves. Any anomaly or deformation here fails to produce sound via the auditory nerve. As a result, hearing problems occur, inattention problems occur, and result in ADD/ ADHD. 

(Biofeedback ADD & ADHD Energetic Disturbance & Solutions Program)

Head and Brain Structure

The brain is protected in a shell in the head. Corpus callosum, frontal lobe, fusiform gyrus; these parts of the head or brain plays a role to generate behavioral disorders like ADD and ADHD.  

The corpus callosum is the primary region of the brain, consisting of white matter tracts. White matter tracts help to connect to the left and right cerebral hemispheres. The main function of the corpus callosum is, it transfers information to sensory, motor, and high-level signals. Any fault or deformity here may lead to ADD/ADHD. 

The biggest lobes of the human brain, the frontal lobe lies behind the forehead. They are the most sensitive ones in case of trauma or head injury. Any trauma or injury here may lead to severe body inabilities. Lack of focus, lack of attention, struggle to remember a thing of memory, losing track of work, mood swings, feeling less motivated, etc are the output of any injury here in the frontal lobe, and later, these symptoms lead to ADD/ ADHD. 


Neurotransmitters accelerate, preventing the brain from receiving specific brain signals which later give birth to form behavioral disorders in human nature. 

GABA is gamma-aminobutyric acid. This is basically a type of amino acid. It works as a neurotransmitter. Just like the neurotransmitter, GABA prevents the brain from receiving signals from the brain and causes stress, mood swing, hypertension, inattention thus leading to ADD/ADHD. 

Dopamine is another neurotransmitter that is suspected to be responsible for ADD & ADHD disorders. The brain and nervous system have less concentrated protein which is named dopamine transporter density. . medical scholars have found that people with ADHD have less DTD, which is considered as a prime factor for originating ADHD. 

(Biofeedback ADD & ADHD Energetic Disturbance & Solutions Program)


Serotonin is a happy hormone. Serotonin controls mood, happiness, excitement, and other positive feelings. As this controls the overall positivity, less production and release of dopamine makes one exactly feel the opposite. 

Due to lack of dopamine, one might feel tired, sad, inactive towards work, lifeless. These factors slowly lead him to control his focus and attention while performing any task. As a result, it accelerates ADD. 

Treatments for ADD & ADHD 

ADD  & ADHD  both are behavioral neurological disorders generated due to developmental anomalies or deformities of the internal head, ear structures, hormonal deficiency, and some external factors described above. 

The Biofeedback program has studied all these factors and has designed a solution program that might help a person to treat your condition. 

These are a few of the processes one can go through if he/she can already relate to having ADD / ADHD or already facing the symptoms. 


E3 Live capsules or  E3AFA (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae) extract of Phycocyanin and Phenylethylamine (PEA) from BrainOn are highly effective for mood balancing. This is available in powder form, 100% chemical-free. 

L-theanine is a great option for promoting sound sleep. Lack of proper sound sleep accelerates damage to brain and memory calls, as a result, people start forgetting things frequently, fall miserably to focus on work, and face mood swings more often. L-theanine is a supplement that is combined with caffeine and study proves that it is very helpful for sound sleep, mood-boosting. 

Herbal treatment 

Herbal treatment is also helpful to boost mood and improve ADD conditions. Mucuna is a blessed organic drug used for nervous disorders. 

Ray Cut Glasses

In this modern era of science, everyone is a puppet to electronics. Everyone is using laptops, computers, televisions for their daily life needs. According to a survey in February 2021; a person spends almost 6-7 hours a day on his mobile. 

Any kind of electronic releases blu ray, a red ray from its screen which directly enters into the eyes, affects the sleep cycle, damages brain cells slowly. 

To prevent the rays from entering into the eyes, yellow glasses or blue cuts on glasses are helpful prevention.  

The experts also suggest not to use any device two hours before bedtime. 

These are all generalized remedies for ADD & ADHD treatment. If anyone is facing these symptoms, this assessment panel can help him to analyze their frequency response to all of these items, finds the problem and solutions. 

Are you interested in seeing which items are currently resonating with you? Try our Biofeedback ADD & ADHD Assessment and Solutions Panel. Click here to access the list of items that are included in this panel.

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