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3 Essential Apps for Business Owners Looking for More Free Time

Written by: Brad Krause

Running a business takes a lot out of you, and it can feel like it takes up nearly your whole schedule. Indeed, many business owners quickly start to feel like they have absolutely no free time at all. This isn’t just disappointing or stressful — it can actually lead to serious health problems.

Small business owners are at particular risk for burnout or extreme work-related anxiety. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill work stress: This is intense, persistent anxiety and dissatisfaction with one’s day-to-day life. It can trigger depressive episodes and other serious mental health symptoms, as well as cause physical symptoms such as poor sleep, changes in appetite, digestive issues and even pain.


Here are three apps that we think will help even the busiest business owners thrive:

1. Inventory Management

One of the most effective ways to create room in your schedule is to identify and reduce time-intensive tasks. Inventory management is, by its nature, one of the more time-consuming jobs on a business owners’ plate. However, you may be able to find apps that can help. For example, ERP software can help you to keep track of massive inventories while keeping your business running smoothly with multiple integrations and automated features. This way, you are better able to maintain profitability, as well as recognize cost-saving opportunities. This is certain to make a difference in your workload and help carve out some free time.

2. Meal Planning

Another major issue facing business owners when it comes to time management is figuring out how to stay productive while also getting regular, nutritious meals. Eating well takes time, as many of the faster options are full of added sugars and preservatives which don’t do your body any good. Often, business owners feel stuck with fast food or junk options since the alternatives simply take too much from their schedule.

Meal planning apps, however, can help you to better manage your time and have healthy food quickly when you need it. There are plenty of options out there, but they’re all designed to give you the tools to prepare meals ahead of time and eat them throughout the week. For example, you might dedicate a few hours each weekend to making food or prepping ingredients for meals you plan to have later on. Even something as simple as chopping up vegetables in advance can make cooking for yourself far more approachable.

3. Shared Calendars

Finally, it may be worth it to invest in some kind of shared calendar app. You may already have this kind of app to coordinate your business, but sharing a calendar with family and friends is wise as well. Many business owners have trouble staying social while managing their workload. However, having your loved one’s schedule at your fingertips can make getting together substantially easier.

If you can’t get friends on board, you should at least use a shared app to coordinate schedules within your household. Being able to see, at a glance, how your schedule aligns — or doesn’t — with your family members or housemates can save you a ton of time you’d otherwise have to spend coordinating and keeping track of things. Getting better organized frees up more time than you might imagine.

There’s no getting around the fact that running a business takes a ton of time. However, with the right tools, you can get some of that time back. We hope this article gives you the information you need to reclaim your schedule and lower your stress levels so you can thrive.

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